Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Do you guys use tactical flashlights?

Have you guys ever been outside camping or hiking, and you realize that the ordinary flashlights you have been using just don't cut it anymore?  Well I had this experience not too long ago, and I'm glad I did!  I was camping up in Boone, NC when it started to get dark.  I pulled out my 15 dollar flashlight from Walmart and I started looking for a good spot to make camp.  It was pitch black outside, and it only took me a few minutes to realize that this flashlight wasn't going to cut it.

When I got home i started doing some research on more advanced types of flashlights that could maybe stop me from fumbling around in the darkness.  I looked through a few sites, and I found a site displaying some of the best tactical flashlight and I found what i needed!  I found a $50 tactical flashlight that displayed 100 lumens!  Before doing some research I didn't really realize how important the lumen output amount was for flashlights, but if you haven't done your research, lumens are a big deal!
So I suggest that if you are a regular to the outdoors world, and you haven't upgraded to a more advanced flashlight, you need to get to it!  These flashlights can and will save your life!

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